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The Beauty of Balance and Perfect Face Contour


THE’s Double-Jaw

  • 01 Long Face
  • 02 Prognathic Jaw
  • 03 Asymmetric Face
  • 04 Protruding Mouth
  • 05 Malocclusion

Double Jaw correction (Orthognathic Surgery)

It is a surgical procedure that corrects the bite and asymmetrical apprearance by realigning the upper and lower jaws.
Based on examinations with facial x-rays, 3D CT and 3D simulation of the result we simultaneous pursue improved aesthetic value and functional aspect.


Operation time

2~3 hours


General Anesthesia


2~4 days

Stitch Removal

After 2 weeks


2~3 times

Recovery period

2 weeks ~ 1 month

Double Jaw correction Methods

Prognathic jaw or Long face

If the prognathic jaw accompanies malocclusion with an imbalanced upper and
lower jaw or you have a long face, a varying degree of double jaw surgery can be performed to solve the symptoms.


Protruded Mouth and Malocclusion


The maxilla and mandible are simultaneously fractured and retracted


Well-Balanced Maxilla and Mandible

Facial asymmetry

When asymmetry is present due to deviation of both upper and lower jaws, SSRO or IVRO mandibular surgery, it can be corrected by SSRO or IVRO mandibular surgery.


Tilted upper and lower jaw


Maxilla and mandible is rotated at the same time after cutting of jawbone through SSRO or IVRO surgery


Balanced face structure

Mouth Protrusion Correction

After fracturing bone to match the remaining space from extraction of four teeth (upper and lower canine teeth), facial structure including 6 frontal teeth is retracted and fixed.


Mouth Protrusion


After teeth extraction, bone is removed and then retracted


Mouth retracts, improving protrusion

The Plastic Surgery 5 Core Competencies

The Plastic Surgery Facial Contour Center

3D Face Scanner

3D FACE SCANNER scans the face in 3D and examines problems of facial proportion, angle, and volume of the customer’s face. It then virtually simulates the patient’s face to predict post-operative outcome.

3D CT Analysis

3D CT accurately and precisely analyzes the skeletal structure and condition, muscles and fat distribution and more that may not be visible during face to face consultation.

Consulting a Specialist

Customized surgical plan for each patient’s unique facial characteristics

Detailed Aftercare Program

Present delicate post-operative care for optimal results

Facial Contouring Specialist

With 18 years of know-how, we take smiling, three dimensional features, alleviation of wrinkles, and facial nerves into consideration.

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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